Online Access

Central Animal Records offers a great online system for owners to manage their details as well as their pet's details. We also offer special access for vet clinics, councils and authorised animal welfare organisations. 

Access Types:

1. Owner/Breeder Access

With this level of online access, owners can manage their contact details such as email, contact numbers and emergency contact information as well as their residential and mailing addresses. Owner's can also manage their pet's details including pet names and descriptions. 

This level of access is perfect for all pet owners as well as breeders as it allows animal ownership to be transferred quickly and easily. 

How to apply.


2. Vet Clinic/Authorised Implanter Access

If you're a qualified veterinarian or an accredited implanter, you can apply for this access type. Vet clinic access allows users to conduct microchip recoveries for stray animals, verification checks for new clients and enter new subscriptions online. Authorised implanters on the other hand, are only able to enter subscriptions online.

This is great for practising or self-employed veterinarians, vet nurses or authorised implanters.

How to apply.


3. Council Access 

All municipal councils in Australia are able to apply for access to Central Animal Records. This is to assist with local animal management. Council access allows users to conduct microchip recoveries for strays, verification checks for residents wanting to register pets and generate council reports. 

Council access is vital for all Australian councils to increase the efficiency of their animal welfare division.

How to apply.


4. Authorised User (Animal Welfare Organisation)

Authorised user access is for authorised individuals or authorised animal welfare organisations who needs access to the Central Animal Records database for microchip searches. For privacy reasons, we only allow access to applicants who have an agreement with their local council. In Victoria, applicants are required to provide an 84y Agreement from their local council while a letter is sufficient in all other states and territories.

How to apply.

If you know exactly what access type you require, create an account and you will be given the option to choose after you confirm your email address.