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Reunion Stories From C.A.R. Pet Owners (2024)

Awesome News

Our beautiful Allira went missing over three weeks ago, this morning she came through the cat door very thin, frightened and hungry. We will take her to the vet tomorrow because she is so thin. We can't express how beyond relieved we are.

- Ch'kara


5 Months & Reunited

Luna went missing on 27 January 2024.

Luna was an indoor cat who had never been outside, having full access to a cat run to keep her and her sister safe. Unfortunately, a door was left open and she managed to escape.

We posted on local facebook pages, door knocked the local homes and contacted various shelters, vets and pounds but there was no luck in finding her.

Luna was a very skittish cat and would rarely approach anyone she did not know, so hope diminished very quickly that she would survive on her own.

On Tuesday 4th June, after 5 months missing, I received a call from PetStock advising that they had found Luna after a local lady asked for assistance in setting up a cat trap! Battered and emancipated, but otherwise ok, Luna had been found in an industrial estate about 5km from home.

She is now home, bathed, eating like a champion and getting all the love and cuddles she wants!

- April


Quickly Reunited

My elderly dog took flight and leaped out of a friend's car while I was nearby in an appointment. He bolted across the road and kept running, putting on, she said, an amazing show of speed for an elderly dog. And although she and others chased him, he kept running away.

I only found out when I came out. It was mid afternoon. He's mostly deaf, doesn't see very well, and had disappeared an hour so drive away from where we live. I knew it was no use calling out as he wouldn't hear, and as I'd just had eye drops, I couldn't see much either! It was an awful night.

But a lovely Council Officer rang me from the local Council next morning to say he had been reported 'at large' and he himself had managed to catch him eventually. In the meantime, he had crossed at least one major highway of 4 lanes in both directions and was picked up very close to the house we used to live in, but hadn't been near in over 2 years.

Thank heavens for microchips, dog rego and Councils, the lovely animal control officer and the person who reported him. I spent a miserable night worrying but he was safely housed in a comfortable bed. He is an ex stray I adopted about 9 years ago and beyond price to me. So glad to have him back and so quickly.

- Jane


Easter Miracle: Found After 10 Years ❤️

My brother, Theo, suffered a stroke in 2012 and after 18 months of rehab, he was wheelchair bound. He was recommended a Therapy Dog and that was when he met Princess. Almost 2 years later in November 2014, my brother had another seizure and went to hospital. When he returned, Princess was missing and Theo was devastated. He searched for 8 months, posting everywhere, printing posters, calling pounds. Nothing. Princess was micro-chipped to Theo, but also our mum as a 2nd contact.

Theo spoke about Princess often and missed her every day. In 2018, our mother passed away and her phone, including the phone number, was given to her grandson, Alex. Theo was Alex's godfather and uncle, and sadly in 9/23, Theo passed away.

On 3/5/24, a day before Greek Easter and Alex's birthday, we were sad that this is the first Easter & birthday without Theo, who would spoil everyone, especially Alex. Nan would be missed too. That day, we received a call on Alex's number (nans old number) from a vet claiming they had a dog called Princess. We thought it was a phone scam as my son often got strange calls or texts, but it was real.

Within the hour, we were at the vet in tears to bring home a part of Theo & Nan for a special day tomorrow. We confirmed it was Princess & she had been missing for 10 years!

The vet told us a client of theirs, Lauren, brought in Princess. Lauren was the name of Theo’s favourite support worker… and we wondered. We contacted Lauren the following day (4/5/24), the lovely lady who told us she works with people with disabilities for dog therapy, but not the Lauren who was Theo’s support worker – just another coincidence.

Lauren explained that she was walking out of the hair salon and saw Princess, who was clearly dishevelled and lost, and so she took her in to her regular vet. We thanked Lauren profusely for bringing home a part of Theo and Nan for Easter and Alex's birthday, which in another miracle, Lauren also shared the same birthday day as Alex being the 4th of May.

May the fourth be with you - because it was certainly with us! Princess was not very well cared for or ever taken to the vet in 10 years. She’s on the mend every day and at 12 years old she is feisty, adorable and in a loving home for her twighlight years. We have another 3 year old Staffordshire Terrier who princess thinks she’s the boss of – which she is! We are forever grateful to the team at VetCall and Lauren for bringing a part of our family home. It will be the story of a miraculous family reunion that we will never forget and share with friends and family on special days for years to come.

- Rena


Where's Molly?

Molly went missing when we were on a weekend holiday in Merimbula. We live in Canberra. Molly got scared and somehow pushed the gate open where we were staying. Molly was missing for 8 days and had made her way up and down the sapphire coast, spotted a few times by locals near Tura beach and Bournda national park. 2-3 days would pass with no word.

All the locals and some friends of mine, armed with chickens and treats, drove up and down the highway, searched paddocks and the beach, camped out under the stars and set up scent trails, all to no avail. After a week of intense searching I decided to go home to Canberra and put my faith in the Bega Valley community to let me know if Molly would show up. I wasn't feeling very hopeful.

Low and behold, I was gone 12 hours and woke up to a call from a beautiful lady at Tura beach who told me she woke to find Molly at her back door. Molly was tired and exhausted, full of grass seeds and ticks, unable to walk much anymore.

I immediately called friends in Merimbula who went to her aid asap and took her to the beautiful Merimbula Vets where I met her shortly after and she just wagged her tail and gave me kisses. She had the biggest smile on her face to have found her mumma. The vets cleaned her up and send her home to me. During this time I have had old microchip details for Molly as she was registered under my ex-partner's name and it was something I never sorted out. It was stressful not knowing if someone would find her, would I actually ever find out as they might not have call me. I am currently in the process of updating her details so to prevent the stress of never knowing should something like this happen again.

Molly is now home , warm in her bed in Canberra where she belongs and very happy recovering . I’m so grateful to the people of Bega valley and surrounds for all their support

- Laura


36 Hours

After 36 hours he’s home!! My theory is that he wandered too far on Saturday and lost his way. Last night I walked around the neighborhood and dropped kibble around. Possible he followed my scent and his trail of food home?

- C.A.R. Pet Owner


Reunited After 3 Months

We had just moved in to a new house and on day 3 Pixie escaped. We tried everything to find her and just 1 week shy of being missing for 3 months I received a phone call from the cat protection society informing me that she had been handed in and is waiting to go home. If it wasn't for being microchipped I would have never found her.

- Nicole


Chippie Came Home

Hubby and I fell asleep, after we have woken up I realised the front door was slightly open opened. My daughter just shut close the door but she didn't lock the door on her way out to school in the morning. Therefore the wind must have blown it open.

Our hearts just sunk.We both walked around our neighbourhood calling out for Chippie. There was no sign of him anywhere. I just prayed if anyone has taken him please let him be in a warm loving home. What matters most is that he’s safe and not alone out there. Chippie is just 5 months old. Gabriel my son came back from school and my Hubby had to break the sad news to him. He cried and said he will wait till Chippie comes back home.

I told him If nobody has taken Chippie then he might come back. So both of us, we prayed to God for Chippie to come back home safely. Then my daughter said to my hubby, Chippie is outside Daddy! My hubby went outside brought him into our bedroom. I was so happy that I cried. I was worried sick but I tried to stay strong. Gabriel was so happy as well. Thank you God, Chippie is home. I certainly hope that no one has to go through this ordeal because it’s such a dreadful experience. Thank you Chippie for finding your way back to us, We love you so very much, buddy!

- Aya


Where have you been?

Our beloved Emrys was a rescue from Coldstream Animal Aid. We have been his family for almost 12 years. He has lost fur siblings due to illness and misfortune and last week saw us adding a new puppy to the family.

He seemed a little put out unlike our old ther cat and started to show signs of stress. Four days ago he dissapeared. Nowhere to be seen. By Monday morning I was frantic. Did the posters, the vets and a person suggested go for a walk and calling him between 3am-5am. Well it worked. I heard him four houses behind us. He had gotten lost I think and reacted to my call. But wouldn't come. I sobbed all the way home and within five minutes heard him way up the back of our yard. He was trapped behind a rose creeper. In the pouring rain and dark I went in and was able to get him out. Water logged big Norwegian forest boy was in my arms again and purred loudly when I got him inside and to his good.

So grateful. So lucky. I urge people to do the middle of the night walk to find your lost one. I've been a cat lover for 45 years and this was the first time I had used this method and I've seen the success for myself. 🙏

- CAR Pet Owner


Tough Old Girl

Cat was a stray, when she first decided to tolerate us. She just turned up one day at the farm, so we fed her. Over a few weeks, we noticed that she was getting fatter and fatter and that her fat tummy was moving! Of course she was pregnant. The children were delighted. One October day, Cat started to deliver and the children and I started to panic. We rang our vet in town, who so generously gave us their time and guided us through the process of being there whilst Cat delivered her 4 kittens. They were delightful and so was Cat.

A few months later, we took the tribe in to be vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. Move forward a few years. The tribe and the kids and I moved from the farm into town. All was going well, until Cat got itchy feet again. She ran away and was not seen again. We looked for her but to no avail. We still had the kittens who enjoyed being a part of our family and so stayed. Move forward 11 years. I was at work and received a message on my phone from an unfamiliar vet stating that they had my cat with them and that she was in pretty poor shape. I immediately worried that I had accidentally left a door open and that one of the now adult kittens had run away. They were all in their room that morning when I tended their litter trays and food and water and they looked healthy and strong. I was terribly worried. I couldn't wait for my shift to be over so that I could go and get the runaway back home. Can you imagine my surprise when I got into the consulting room and the cat cage was opened and there was Cat staring at me with big eyes in a very thin 2.5kg body. I don't know if she immediately recognised me, but she didn't pull away from my touch. She was so thin and her collar had destroyed all the fur on her neck. The Vets were marvellous. They gave her all the treatment that she needed and all the advice that I needed, too.

I took her home and set her up in the warmest place in the house. She was so hungry. We gave her a bath and let her rest. Slowly, she put on weight and has been reintroduced to the tribe. She is happy and I am pretty sure that her traveling days are over, as she is still with us today, 12 months down the track. If it wasn't for her microchip, I am confident that we would never been reunited with Cat.

- CAR Pet Owner


My Beautiful Boy Was Stolen In 2016

erra always came home every night but in August 2016 he didn't. I was sure he had been stolen and hoped with all my heart that he would come home. So in 2017, 2018 and 2019 I renewed his registration with the Council. Everyone thought I was living in an unreal hope. I didn'taccept that he was never coming home until 2020, when I stopped renewing his registration. HOWEVER, in September 2020, I had a call from a Vet that he had been turned in by a lady who found him and wanted to keep him. His microchip revealed that I was the owner and, after 4 years and one month, my beautiful boy wa returned to me. It was a miracle. I urge everyone to have their cat microchipped. The lady who contacted the Vet was so amazing - I cannot thank her enough for returning my boy to me - and the Vet made the effort of contacting me to collect Terra.

- CAR Pet Owner


The Feel-Good Story Of A Lifetime!

Lost and alone on the streets, she wandered, unnoticed by many. But thanks to a caring lady and the power of an up to date microchip, Tiffy's incredible journey led her back to where she belongs, home 🏠🐱A resident in my Clyde estate posted on Facebook about a cat who had been frequenting her house. Being the animal lover I am, I suggested she allow the cat into her garage where I could safely collect her and take her to the vet where I work for a microchip scan. This is where the story gets interesting.... Upon arrival to work, I grabbed the microchip scanner and "beep!" - a chip was found. I searched up the details on CAR online and alarm bells rang when I noticed the home address was registered to Ferntree Gully. Could this cat have wandered this far? Could the owners have moved house and not have updated their details? Would the phone number work!? So many questions ran through my head before I made the life changing call.... "Hi this is Bec from Berwick Clyde Vet, I'm just ringing as Tiffy has been handed into our clinic" .... The voice on the other end of the line sounded very surprised "Tiffy?" .... "Yes" .... "Tiffy?" ... "Yes?"... "Tiffy went missing in 2015!".

Turns out Tiffy's family had recently moved into the greatly expanding Clyde area when she accidently got out and got lost! They searched for her but as the days turned to weeks, the weeks turned to months, the months turned to years, life kept going on and heartbreakingly, Tiffy's family thought she was long gone.Who would have believed that 9 years later they'd be getting one very special phone call!

That phone call was only possible due to Tiffy's microchip. Without it, she was just another stray on the streets about to go through the system.Tiffy's mum raced to the clinic to see her. She was in absolute shock! How could this be Tiffy!? After all these years- Tiffy had been found! After a big trip to the pet shop and being given the all clear after her veterinary health check, Tiffy went home!!She is now looking forward to living out her senior days lounging on the couch and being doted on for the rest of her days.

- Rebecca


Winnie’s Home

Winnie is an inside cat that cheekily snuck out between my legs and went missing for 6 days. She came home by herself like nothing had happened and then meowed to go outside again after eating. Fat chance Winnie! I am so happy to have her home.

- CAR Pet Owner


My Precious Boy, London

My beautiful BSH London who is 16 months old went missing from our home on the 21st Dec 2023 a few days before Christmas. We were absolutely devastated especially my 10 year old autistic son, Ryder.

London would sleep on Ryders bed every night. We searched for 6 long weeks, doing all the recommended suggestions such as the 5am walks with a torch and tapping his bowl of food to no avail. We searched the entire street and surrounding streets, put up flyers, joined Facebook lost pet and community sites with no luck. I was beginning to lose hope and started to think he must of been stolen as he snuck out the door on that morning of 21st Dec.

He had snuck out before but never wandered from the front garden. It had taken me 4 years to save up to buy London so he was a much wanted and loved pet. None of us could even get through Christmas without him. As my heart was broken, my eldest son brought me another BSH kitten named Arthur to help fill the missing piece of my heart. 3 weeks later we adopted Arthur's brother Merlin to join the family.

Then 6 weeks later I received a message from another community site saying someone kept seeing a Blue BSH cat in their yard at dinner time every night since late Dec. There was a picture attached and I just knew it was my boy. I contacted the lady and went straight from work that day. As soon as I entered her back yard and called out for him, he came running out from under the shed crying and crying. I was also crying but happy tears as I finally had my big boy back.

Off to the vet for a quick check up and microchip scan, he was healthy and chubby but also extremely tired. London was happy to be home but a little shocked to find 2 new kittens there. It has taken a few weeks but they are all getting along well playing and doing zoomies around the house. London was found 3 suburbs away near my sons work. He must of hitched a ride to work as I don't know how he ended up so far from home. Now I'm currently saving to build a cat enclosure for my 3 babies as I cannot let them out and go through that trauma again. Never give up hope as miracles do happen!!!

- Kylie


10 Years & Back Home

Tommy was stolen in January 2014. We were devastated. We knew who stole him but couldn't take action other than knocking on the door. To make sure, I visited the RSPCA Burwood and Pearcdale and the Lost dogs home, almost weekly, over 6 months.

We put up reward signs all around the neighborhood. I emailed over 50 local vets & catteries with photos and asked them to check all new animals (not just mine) coming in to their practice for microchips. My daughter started a Facebook page - "Always Microchip your animals" We saw, and have a photo, of him in a back yard across the road. We set traps twice daily but couldn't catch him. We asked the police, and they said they could only knock on the door and perhaps we should make peace with him being looked after - if they question the people, they may hurt Tommy. So, we had to let it go but never give up hope. After 3 years, my heart healed a little and I finally adopted another 2 kittens.

Come January, 2024, the RSPCA Burwood rang to say they had Tommy and did I want to reclaim him...of course, I did! His photo has never been off my phone or computer montiors. Tommy is now safely home. He always had nasal dermatitis but obviously the last person to have him (apparently inherited him 2 years ago) had not looked after him. His nose was swollen x 6 times it's size. He is now nearly recovered and getting used to us again, purrs a lot and seems very settled. I'm sure there are times he remembers us - we have never forgotten him. There have been a lot of happy tears and some emotional exhaustion lol. Tommy is 14 now and he does have to be with my son as one of my cats is not well and this is ongoing. It breaks my heart that he is not here (I do see him every second day) but he is with family and he will have the most caring, loving home for as long as we are blessed with him.

- Teresa



Benson who is an inside only Bengal (show cat). Jumped out a window that is normally closed. He went missing around 10pm last night.I posted on a local Facebook group for lost pets in my neighborhood. Marked his chip as missing, phoned local vets and walked the streets.Around 5pm today I received a txt from a lovely young lady that said the magic words - I have your cat!So grateful to have a happy outcome for my Benson.

- Jo-Ann


Look Up

Misty went missing on Wednesday, she is usually an indoor cat just going out in the garden with me and her fur sister and dogs, but is obviously getting more adventurous.

I posted on our local FB page and then was directed to other pages where I posted. The the level of support and advice was amazing. Logged on to CAR and advised she was missing.

Did the usual ring around to Vets and shelters, flyers and neighbour knocks.So how we were reunited? After 3 nights of doing the 3-4am walk, calling her name did the trick. I finally decided to extend the search to the other side of the street of our adjacent properties even though I didn't think she would cross a road. I also noticed my other cat in a yard behind our house which was odd like he followed me, then through the silence came the howling and it did not stop. It took awhile to realise she was on the roof as the howling just seemed to be echoing, so it pays to look up! Owners were obviously away because they would have heard her crying.

With encouragement I finally got her to a low part of the roof, unbelievably like a miracle there was a a ladder against the fence and with a burst of motherly adrenaline, up I went grabbed her by the scruff and got her down and bought her home.

- Shannon


Roger Rue

Managed to find our beloved dog Roger through FB for Victorian lost dogs and by updating his microship number. Yay for microchips!

- C.A.R. Pet Owner