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My son & his partner were in the process of moving house. There was an interim period when they weren't able to have their staffy living with them, so Sophie came to live with my husband & me for 2 months. We have a good secure yard, escape-proof for any dog . . . . except Sophie.

We were distraught to return home one day to find her missing. We produced flyers, advertised in the paper & on radio. One day I received a phone call from a friend inviting me over on some odd pretence. I was elated to be greeted at the door by dear Sophie.

My friend had found her and taken her to the vet in the hope she was micro-chipped. Micro-chip located and the owner contacted. My friend was then handed the phone so she could explain where she lived. She recognised my son's voice and the happy reunion was organised. So grateful for this service. Thank You!

- CAR Pet Owner

This Puccini Story Is Not A Tragedy

We lost Puccini about 3 years ago. She just disappeared. We thought she was dead but had the hope someone was looking after her. We moved out of the area 6 months ago.

RSPCA called me on last Sunday afternoon to say that they had found her and it all went well from there. She was found in our old street. Probably returning to what she knew as home, but we weren't there. We picked Puccini up from the RSPCA and it was like she never left. She recognised me instantly and is the loving cat we remember.

I can't believe she has been gone for 3 years. All I can say is thanks to being microchipped we were reunited.

- CAR Pet Owner

Better late than never!

When I moved house, in June, one of my 'twin' cats,
Mitsy, went missing about one week later, on a very
wet and stormy night. After weeks of unsuccessful
searching, I resigned myself to the fact that she might
not come 'home' and instead of fearing the worst, I
hoped that she'd found a new home.

Then, that fabulous phone call came, she HAD been
found, amazingly, after 2 years and 2 months, of being
missing!!! She was located about 2 kilometres from
where I was (then) living and taken into the local
I really believe that someone else had 'adopted' her
during her 'missing' years, but now she was finally
home with me and her twin sister, again. Thanks to her
microchip, we were happily reunited that day after I
received the call. A wonderful invention and service,
that I am forever indebted to!

- CAR Pet Owner

Goza Goes Wandering

No one likes their mobile ringing in the middle of the night. 99% of the time, it's bad news. My phone went off at 12.36AM and I was sound asleep. A very calm, collected voice on the other end of the phone introduced herself, obviously taking into account that I wasn't completely with it, and told me that a lady by the name of Judy, had my dog, Goza. Very confused, as she had been sleeping soundly in her kennel just a few hours ago, I took down the details and thanked her. I went searching for my wayward beast, and sure enough, there was no sign of her. I called Judy, who told me she was at a local truck depot and my princess had been trying to get into the trucks. Loves a road trip my girl. I arrived on the scene to find Judy standing in the carpark holding Goza by the collar.
She let go and Goza very sheepishly climbed into the backseat and sat, like a good girl.

I thanked Judy and I am very grateful to both her and CAR. My princess is an American Bulldog, and most people run a mile when they see dogs like that. My girl is all love and would never hurt a fly, the breed just has a bad rep. Judy, thankfully, didn't judge her by her big toothy smile, but by her furiously wagging tail.
So, I'd like to send a big thank you to CAR and to the lovely lady who called me in the middle of the night giving me all the relevant info I needed so calmly and concisely.
And a big thank you to Judy, for not being afraid of my Princess, Goza. They are now great friends!

- CAR Pet Owner

Maggie Our Adventurer

We have a 12 year old fox terrier x who wandered away from us one day & despite hours & hours of searching for her we couldn't find her. We were in a rural area that was very isolated & only had a few sporadic farm houses that were many kilometres apart.

A few days after the ad went in we started getting calls that she had been spotted about 40 km's from where she left us! The search was on in real earnest.

People were looking out for her everywhere & we began to feel that just maybe we would get her back. Each time we were disappointed though & we kept missing her.

Just after 9am on that Monday morning, I got a phone call from my local council telling me they thought they had found her. Someone had rung & said a dog matching her description had turned up at their place on the Saturday morning looking rather tired & hungry.

I jumped into my car & drove to an area that was about 70 km's from where she started!!! I got out of my car & walked over to the shearing shed & began calling her name. She wasn't there & my heart sank.

I thought she had wandered off & I'd missed her again but I walked along other sheds still calling her name. I went around a car & looked at a doorway & there was this little forlorn dog looking at me. It was her.
She quietly walked over to me almost like she wasn't sure if she could believe her eyes that it was me, I bent down & patted her. That's when we both knew for sure & the joy began. I had tears & her tail began wagging furiously & she was whimpering & then barking.

We were both so happy. I had great delight then in ringing my family & telling her that I had her. I had her checked at the vet & he couldn't believe that she was in such good condition considering her journey & her health (Maggie has cancer). It's certainly a great story to tell.

Needless to say it taught me the importance of name tags for dogs with phone numbers on them.

- CAR Pet Owner

Greyhound Back On Track

I would like to thank CAR for facilitating in the recovery of our runaway greyhound, Billy, earlier today. He managed to run off from our home and before we knew it he was nowhere to be seen. With my husband and I driving around, and my son on his bike, searching the parklands along the Eastern Freeway, we were unable to find him. Over 30 mins. has passed by and we were distraught as Billy could’ve been anywhere and he has no road sense, in fact, not much sense full stop.

I was thinking that our only hope was that someone would find Billy and ring the number on his collar. You cannot imagine my relief when my mobile rang while I was searching the streets and it was CAR saying that Billy had been found. Our family are so grateful to the young lady and man who stopped their cars on the Doncaster Rd. on-ramp of the Eastern Freeway, where Billy was roaming (approx. 1 km from home), and rang CAR and kept him safe until we got there to collect him.

Thanks so much to both of them for their kindness and caring. We are so grateful and appreciative of everyone’s efforts in getting Billy back to us.

- CAR Pet Owner