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Established in 1989, Central Animal Records is Australia's longest running and largest microchip database for pets. 

We currently have over 4,000,000 pets listed with us and run a 24/7 recovery service.

We also offer a range of registry and data management services to many Government and non-Government agencies and companies.

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Introducing: V.I.Pet

Central Animal Records is proud to announce the launch of our new V.I.Pet subscription. From less than $1.00/month, you can unlock 15 exclusive online features for your pet. We know how much pets mean to their owners, which is why we have designed the V.I.Pet service to help better protect your pet and ensure they can always find their way back home. 

Features include; Pet Profile Pictures, Owner Profile Pictures, Active Recovery Service, Lost Pet Poster Studio, Monthly Newsletter, Custom Reminders, Medical Condition Listing, Area-Based Alerts, Exclusive Discounts (C.A.R.), Exclusive Discounts (Partners), Priority Phone Support, Pet Age Calculator, Personality Listing, Height & Weight Listing, Gold Theme & MORE COMING SOON!

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 Introducing: V.I.Pet

Registry Statistics

Total Animals Registered: 4,520,838

Total Owners Listed: 3,454,890

Total Microchip Retrievals:

Microchip Retrievals (2020): 218,150

Microchip Retrievals (2021): 75,064

Last Updated - 4th May 2021