Caring For Our Planet | Green Initiatives

“We are passionate about animals and concerned about our environment. Not only do we actively support animal welfare organisations and conservation projects, we have also taken significant steps to make our business more sustainable and help our clients do the same.”
Dr Doug Black - Director of Central Animal Records & Microchips Australia
More About Our Green Initiatives:
Enviro Microchips: Our Enviro microchips represent a more sustainable option for vet clinics by reducing plastic waste for no extra charge. This results in less plastic waste ending up in Australian waterways and oceans which helps protect our wildlife.
Carbon Offsets: As part of an effort to offset carbon, we offer a sustainable checkout to reduce the environmental impact of all of our client orders. Collected funds support projects that fight climate change such as native forest regeneration and national and international renewable energy projects.
Recycled Products: Thanks to Anipal, we are able to offer dog collars and leads made from 100% recycled plastic waste.
Paperless Options: Central Animal Records has vigorously pursued a move towards the phasing out of most of our paper forms. We now offer e-Forms and digital certificates for all of our clients. We provide a free online data entry option for vet clinics and authorised implanters to also help reduce the need for paper and printing.
Supporting Animal Welfare Organisations: Beginning this year we are directly supporting animal welfare organisation. Each year a percentage of all Central Animal Records subscription fees is donated monthly to 6 Australian animal welfare organisations twice yearly. This year, we are proud to support Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge, Dogs' Home of Tasmania, The Lost Dogs Home, Animal Aid, RSPCA WA and RSPCA Victoria.
Supporting Wildlife Conservation: Microchips Australia designs and supplies microchips, microchip readers and remote monitoring systems to many zoo and wildlife research projects – many involving endangered species. We also donate funds, microchips and readers to many wildlife conservation organisations including Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, Zoos Victoria, SAVE African Rhino Foundation, Bali Myna Conservation Project by the Begawan Foundation, Cikananga Wildlife Centre, Wanicare Foundation, Scientific Expedition Group, Byron bay Wildlife Hospital and many others.
Humanitarian Initiatives: Microchips Australia and Central Animal Records donate all microchip and lifetime subscriptions to Pets in the Park – a free and great veterinary service to help the pets owned by the homeless in all capital cities and many larger cities throughout Australia. Microchips Australia also has supplied microchips and readers to the Bali Myna project and the associated Begawan Foundation that not only drives the conservation efforts of the Bali Mynas but also educates and supports the local Indonesian population in caring for the environment and developing ecological sustainability practices. We also donate to various humanitarian charities each year.