CARMA for Animals


What is CARMA for Animals?

Central Animal Records has been in operation for over 30 years and during that time we have tried to support animal welfare organisations as much as possible by supporting many charity events, donating services, financially supporting projects and, through our allied company Microchips Australia, providing discounted or free microchips and microchip readers.

CARMA for Animals is a Central Animal Records initiative to help support at least six animal welfare organisations across Australia because we feel that we are now in a position whereby we can afford to do more. That is why, each year, we plan to set aside a percentage of the proceeds of every new Central Animal Records subscription across Australia and distribute that to each of the six organisations throughout the year.

When pets are subscribed to Central Animal Records, not only can they be reunited with their family should they ever go missing, but each of those subscriptions will now also help other abandoned or lost pets find their forever homes.


Which Animal Welfare Organisations are we supporting?

In 2022 we are proud to be supporting the following organisations: