VIPet Monthly Newsletter (Issue 8)

Veterinarian Q&A

(1) How do I know which vaccination is best for my pet

A. That’s easy! Ask your vet or vet clinic team for advice.

Regularly vaccinating your pets is important to protect them against various potentially fatal or debilitating infectious diseases.

Your vet or vet clinic team will advise the type of vaccination which will be best for your pet, taking into account your pet’s age and lifestyle - such as whether they are mainly indoors or outdoors, and any risk factors that they might be exposed to.

There are current world guidelines on vaccine types and frequency of use to ensure your pet is best protected from disease but they need to be applied to your local situation. If your pet has any health problems of concern, or a history of autoimmune disease, your vet may recommend titre testing to check their level of immunity.

As for us humans, vaccinations can sometimes cause some mild pain or discomfort at the site of the vaccination injection or there may be a transient period of mild illness, however severe reactions to vaccination is very rare. Some pet vaccinations, such as for canine cough, can also be given orally or sprayed into the nose.

Your vet will be able to explain any common things to be aware of and what to do if you have any concerns when you take your pets in for their vaccination. If you have any further queries about vaccinations for your pet, get in touch with your vet clinic today!