Privacy Declaration (Change of Ownership)

Form Agreement:

Please note that all notifications related to a transfer of ownership of animals listed on the Central Animal Records microchip registry must be made online or via form Central Animal Records forms. In addition, changes to the ownership records for the animal listed on this form, will only be made once the form and payment has been received, and all legal requirements have been met.

FEES: A $21.99 fee applies to change ownership of a pet listed with Central Animal Records. Final price can increase to $26.99, $59.99 or $184.99 if the respective service type is selected. Upon receiving this form, the Central Animal Records team will send you a secure payment request via email and SMS if payment details are not provided. You can use either link to complete payment for your selected service type. Once payment is completed, we will initiate the 'Change of Ownership' request.

Once processed, a Certificate of Identification reflecting these changes will be issued to the new owner. If the previous owner has not signed this form, the transfer can take up to 23 days as we are legally required to contact the previous owner for consent to transfer ownership.

If this pet is not already listed with Central Animal Records, we will need to initiate a new subscription at no extra charge. Central Animal Records will appear as the ‘Implanter’ on your certificate on ownership with the implant date listed as the date that this form was signed. If you are located in Victoria, your pet's microchip number will be listed as unverified until you provide the details of e vet clinic that has scanned and verified your pet's microchip number. By submitting this form, you confirm that you have taken reasonable steps to verify that the above microchip number is correct.

If you list the incorrect microchip number, your pet may not be returned to you if they were to go missing. There may also be penalties with your council if they ever scan your pet to check council registration. Central Animal Records will only release your information to assist in reuniting you with your pet or if required by law.

Councils have access to your owner and pet information on Central Animal Records and other national animal microchip registries and may use this information to assist with local council pet registrations and in administration of legislation.


Privacy Declaration:

Details True & Correct + Read & Understand

Privacy Policy By signing, I declare that the information above is true and correct and I am the legal owner of the animal outlined in the subscription. I agree to the terms outlined on this form and I confirm that I have read and understand the Central Animal Records Privacy Policy as it appears on

Authorisation for CAR to Provide Owner/Pet Details to Return Pets

By signing, I agree to the terms outlined on this form and I confirm that I authorise CAR to provide my owner and pet information to authorised users to enable the return of my pet(s) to me.

If you DO NOT wish for your owner and pet information to be passed on to authorised users to enable the return of your pet(s), please contact us after your pet has been listed on CAR so that we can take the appropriate measures to meet those wishes.