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Central Animal Records is Australia's largest national microchip database for pets, with over 4.7 million pets and over 3.5 million owners listed with us. Vet clinics, councils and authorised rescues all over the country use our database to get lost pets home.
My Pet combines all of the great features of the Central Animal Records database into a mobile app:
  • Manage all of your pets from your smartphone.
  • Register microchipped dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles and more nationally in minutes and access your official 'Certificates of Ownership'.
  • Update your owner details within seconds and ensure that you can be contacted if your pet goes missing.
  • Transfer microchip ownership for new pets into your name or pets you already own into the names of their new owners (NO PAPERWORK REQUIRED).
  • Quickly mark your pet as missing or stolen to alert vets and council rangers when they access your pet's microchip details.
  • Access 23 exclusive features with our V.I.Pet or V.I.Pet For Life service, which includes discounts on 25 products across 7 brands.
  • Help reunite lost pets in your area with their families using our national Lost Pet HUB service or list your missing pet on the Lost Pet HUB to notify pet owners, vets and councils in your area.
  • View heartwarming reunion stories or share your own story to give hope to families who are still waiting for their pets to find their way home. Every submission will have the chance to win our $900 'Reunion Story of the Year' grand prize.
  • Read our monthly newsletter which includes animal news and pet health articles.
  • Send messages directly to our customer service team. No need to call or email.