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Central Animal Records has gone mobile!


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Central Animal Records is Australia's largest national microchip database for pets. With over 4.2 million pets and over 3.2 million owners listed with us. Vet clinics, councils and authorised rescues use our database to get lost pets home.
My Pet combines all the great features of the Central Animal Records database into a mobile app:
  • Manage your existing pet records
  • Transfer microchip ownership for new pets into your name or re-homed pets into the name of the new owner (NO PAPERWORK REQUIRED)
  • Update your details on the fly to ensure you can be contacted if your pet goes missing
  • Order products for your pet such Collar Tags, Certificates and GPS Trackers through our app
  • Contact Central Animal Records staff for assistance
  • Protect your account with required sign-in for each app session
  • Request digital or deluxe ownership certificates to provide proof of pet ownership
To download My Pet, go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) today!
Need Help?
The My Pet App is designed to be used by owners and breeders who currently listed with Central Animal Records or owners who have recently adopted a pet which is currently listed with Central Animal Records. 
Pets which are not registered on any national database yet will need to be registered before you attempt to use the app. (Register A Pet)
If your pets are currently listed on another database and you wish to switch to Central Animal records so that you can use our app, you will need to follow these instructions. (Switch to C.A.R.) For all other enquiries, please contact us.