Importance of Microchips

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What is the purpose of microchips? 

Who is Central Animal Records?

How do microchips work?


1. What is the purpose of microchips? 

Microchips have two main functions, ownership and security. 

  • Ownership: Having your pets microchip listed in your name with Central Animal Records makes you the legal owner of the animal. The confirmation of ownership is nationally recognised by all vet clinics, animal welfare groups, councils and various legal bodies.
  • Security: Over 1.5 Million recoveries for stray pets have been done by Central Animal Records alone, this it equates to roughly 50,000 animals pet year. Having your pets microchip number listed in your name with Central Animal Records means that if your pet were to go missing and was picked up by a council ranger or taken to a vet clinic, you will be contacted immediately and reunited with your pet.


2. Who is Central Animal Records?

In Australia, there are 5 nationally recognised databases where pet microchip numbers can be linked with owner details. Central Animal Records is the largest and longest running database. The databases are listed here:

  • Central Animal Records
  • Australasian Animal Registry
  • Homesafe ID
  • Global Micro Animal Registry 
  • Petsafe

There are also two state based databases which are compulsory for pets within these states but do not protect pets nation-wide.

  • Companion Animal Registry (NSW)
  • Dogs & Cats Online (SA)

Any other organisation claiming to be microchip database will not be nationally recognised. This means that vets and councils WILL NOT check these databases if your pet is found.


3. How do microchips work?

Microchips are manufactured with a unique 15 digit number. Vet clinics buy these microchips from various suppliers such as Microchips Australia. These microchips are then implanted into pets. 

Microchips make use of RFID technology, this means that the a microchip's number can be found using a microchip reader, a device used by all vets and council rangers.

When you register your pet with Central Animal Records, all of your details are linked to that particular microchip number. This means that when your your pet's microchip number is searched, all of your details will be brought up.

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