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When you list your pet on Central Animal Records before June 28th 11.59pm AEST,
you'll go into the draw to win a Bose Audio Bundle valued at over $1,400.
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Why Central Animal Records?

We get lost pets home.

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1National Protection

A national Central Animal Records listing ensures that you will always be contacted if your pet goes missing and that your pet cannot be registered under someone else’s name interstate.

2Trusted By 3.8 Million Pet Owners

Over 200,000 pets are listed with Central Animal Records each year and todate, we've facillitated the recovery of over 2.5 million lost pets. That's why we're Australia's most trusted national database.

3Small Price For Lifetime Peace Of Mind

It only costs $11.99 to list your pet on Central Animal Records with no ongoing fees.

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Free Giveaway Entries
Thanks To Our
CARMA Rewards Club

When you list your pet on Central Animal Records, you'll also receive up to 3 FREE giveaway entries through our CARMA Rewards Club service.

This month we're giving away a Bose Audio Bundle valued at over $1,400. 

CARMA Rewards Club is additional service we provide to C.A.R. pet owners which allows them to access over 270 discounts across 16 categories including pet products and services.

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State Only Listing

  • You will not be contacted if you pet is found interstate.
  • There is noting preventing a 3rd party or thief from listing your pet in their name nationally and becoming the legal owner.
  • Limited information on skin safety testing
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Our National Listing

  • Features a more advanced formula with enhanced deodorizing power for long-lasting freshness and confidence.
  • Developed with a hypoallergenic formula free of harsh chemicals, making it gentle and suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  • Clinically tested and dermatologist-approved, ensuring it's safe and gentle for everyday use.

List your pet in less than 5 minutes!

1. Create an account on Central Animal Records.

2. Confirm your pet's details.

3. Confirm your contact details.

4. Complete payment for $11.99 AUD.

5. Receive free giveaway entries.
T&Cs and eligibility criteria applies.

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Our Reunion Stories

"They scanned her and found her microchip. They were able to contact me directly as I keep my details up to date, and now she has been reunited with us. Thanks very much."

"Then a miracle, I received a phone call , almost 2 months since she went missing, it was the pound saying that my cat was there, and her microchip matches my details. I'm so glad she was microchipped as I feel if she wasn't this story wouldn't have a happy ending."

"His microchip revealed that I was the owner and, after 4 years and one month, my beautiful boy wa returned to me. It was a miracle."

" If it wasn't for her microchip, I am confident that we would never been reunited with my cat."

" If it wasn't for being microchipped I would have never found her."

"Her microchip was flagged as missing and I made sure to post her everywhere although if it Wasn't for the microchip I would not have my baby 16 months later."

"If it weren't for her microchip, the animal rescue centre may not have been able to identify her. But because I had made the investment to have her and our other cat microchipped, Silk is now safe at home."

"Upon checking the microchip we had contacted the owner whereby she was very emotional as the cat had been missing for 3 months."

"I am so grateful Tinka was microchipped or I would never have seen him again."


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When you list your pet on Central Animal Records before June 28th 11.59pm AEST,you'll go into the draw to win a Bose Audio Bundle valued at over $1,400.

T&Cs and eligibility criteria applies.

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