List A Pet

Now available in all states & territories.

Have you recently bought or received an animal which has not been listed on any Australian National Database? Maybe you have a pet that was listed on the NSW or SA state database but have moved states or would like the added security of National registration!

National registration is vital evidence for legal ownership of an animal and also ensures that they can be returned to you if they were to go missing.

Listing your pet with Central Animal Records is as simple as filling in a form. 


ONLINE (Extra Steps Required In Victoria) (From $11.99)

1. Sign In to Central Animal Records Online or Create An Account. (You must already have a pet listed with Central Animal Records in order to add another pet to the database online).

2. Click 'Add A Pet' from the side menu

3. Enter your pet's microchip number. If the microchip has NOT been listed on a national database, the system will allow you to list your pet with Central Animal Records online.

4. You will need to confirm the microchip number by re-entering it and then clicking the ‘Start’ button.

5. You then need to select the subscription type; Standard ($11.99), Deluxe ($26.99), Premium ($59.99) or Premium+ ($184.99). The system highlights what is included with each option and you may add product and services separately using the 'Optional Extras' box.

6. Enter all of the animal details before clicking the ‘Add Details’ button. If you are unsure or the microchip implant date, you can enter today's date. 

7. Before proceeding to payment, the you will be shown a summary of your personal details, the animal’s details and their subscription details with the option edit anything that needs correcting. Once you have verified that all of your details are correct, you can click the ‘Proceed to Payment’ button.

Extra Step: In Victoria, you will need to enter the details for of the vet clinic that has verified your pet's microchip number. The microchip will remain listed as 'Unverified' until you enter the required details and your vet clicks the confirmation link which is emailed to them. The 'Unverified' status will not impact recoveries or product orders.

8. Once you have processed the payment, your pet will officially be listed on Central Animal Records. You will be able to access your pet's digital certificate by going to 'My Animal Records'. Any products ordered as part of your subscription will be posted to you.

If you require any assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.


FORM (From $19.99)

1. Downland our Subscription Form (Already Implanted) from our forms page.

2. Complete the animal details, owner details and payment section.

3. Tick the box to confirm that you have taken reasonable steps to have the microchip number verified.

4. Send the form to us for processing and we will list your details against your pet's microchip number Australia-wide.