Breeder Re-Assignment Changes 2020

Central Animal Records Breeder - Brown and White Puppies Sleeping Under Blanket

What are the changes:

Free transfers within two months of the implant date will only be available for Trovan 956 microchips using the new 'Breeder Re-Assignment Form (956 Only)'

All other microchips will benefit from a reduced transfer fee of $4.50 within 2 months of the implant date using the new 'Breeder Re-Assignment Form (Non-956)'


Who does this affect:

These changes will affect all new pets that are registered with a non-956 microchip on the Central Animal RecordsBreeders who sell or re-home these animals will incur a reduced ownership transfer fee of $4.50 if lodged within 2 months of the microchip implant date.


What do I need to do:

If your vet clinic currently purchases non-956 microchips you will continue to miss out on the free ownership transfer.  Vets can visit Microchips Australia, the exclusive distributor of Trovan microchips and RFID products in Australia to learn more about the microchip offers available to them. Microchips Australia offers a variety of companion animal microchips which all come with registration to Central Animal Records including free transfers from breeders to first owners within 2 months from the implant date. 

If you are a breeder who has animals with non-956 microchips. Make sure that you use the correct form as there is a payment section on the bottom of the new document. Failure to use the correct form can prolong the transfer process as we will need to contact the new owners to make payment before the transfer can be completed.  


Should you have any further questions regarding the matter, please contact us at or call 03 9706 3187 and we will be happy to assist.