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Switching Your Pet’s Listing From One Registry To Another


We understand the reasons for wanting all your pets listed on a single national animal microchip registry or wanting to list your pet on the national animal microchip registry whose online systems and service you prefer over others. Below is information that will help you address this issue:

  1. If your pet is ONLY listed with the State Government run registry in NSW – the NSW Pet Registry or in South Australia Dogs & Cats Online, you can also list those pets on any of the national animal microchip registries. This is especially important if you live close to a State border or you holiday interstate. To register those pets on Central Animal Records please use our subscription - DOWNLOAD (Standard)
  2. If you reside in Queensland you can choose to list your pets on any of the other national animal microchip registries. You can use our “Switch to C.A.R. Subscription Form” to move your pets’ listing from another microchip registry to Central Animal Records - DOWNLOAD
  3. If you reside in Victoria, the legislation prevents the movement of pets from one animal microchip registry to another. This includes greyhounds currently listed on the State-based registry administered by Greyhound Racing Victoria.
  4. If you live in any other State or Territory, you can switch your pet’s listing from one national animal microchip registry to another but, unlike in Queensland, there is no onus on the previous registry to de-register your pet from their records. For this reason, we will NOT be allowing microchip listings to be moved to or from Central Animal Records for pet owners outside of Queensland. (This does not apply if your pet is only listed on a State registry or is not listed at all)

 IMPORTANT NOTE: When using the 'Switch to C.A.R. form, it is the owner's responsibility to contact the other registry for de-registration.

Pet Address (www.petaddress.com.au) is a great service available to find out which registry your pet is listed on. Pet Address is an initiative of and funded by the 5 national animal microchip registries operating in Australia. If your pet’s microchip number does not appear on a search through Pet Address it either may not be listed on any registry or it could be listed on one of the two government registries – the NSW Pet Registry or the Sth Aust DACO registry – or, if you own a greyhound it could also be on the State-based registry administered by Greyhound Racing Victoria.


If you need ant further help or advice please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@car.com.au or call 0397063187.