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Latest News


Here you can find the latest updates to our forms, online systems and procedures as well as information about new products and services.


January 31, 2020 - Registering a Pet From NSW or SA

If your pet is only listed on the NSW Pet Registry or SA Dogs & Cats Online, you can now register your pet nationally for the first time without needing to take your pet the vet for scanning. Simply complete our 'New Subscription Form (Payment)' and include a certificate of registration from the NSW Pet Registry or SA Dogs & Cats Online.

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January 15, 2020 - Switch to C.A.R. Form

 Central Animal Records now offers all pet owners (Outside of Victoria) the opportunity to transfer their pet's microchip number from their current national database to Central Animal Records. Simply download our new 'Switch to C.A.R. Form' and follow the steps outlined on the form. This includes contacting your existing national database to de-register the microchip and sending 'Proof of Ownership' to Central Animal Records. 

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January 02, 2020 - Central Animal Records' Response to Bushfire Disaster

We, here at Central Animal Records, are deeply saddened by the extent and severity of the bushfire crisis that has affected our country over the past weeks. We extend our sincere sympathies to the families who have lost loved ones and our thoughts are also with those who have lost property, pets or livestock. The other and unfortunately ongoing tragedy is the loss of so many wildlife and such a massive area of vital habitat. There are many amazing people and organisations committed to the emergency care and treatment of burnt and injured wildlife and, if it were possible, we would like to help all of them. We have chosen to support our great friends at Zoos Victoria who have set up a dedicated Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund to assist the veterinary care of the injured wildlife AS WELL AS steps to address the ongoing issue of the loss of their habitat.

Microchips Australia and Central Animal Records will donate $0.50c to the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund for every Trovan microchip and CAR subscription sold during the entire month of January!

If you would also like to contribute to the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund please click here - DONATE 




December 01, 2019 - Updates to Breeder Re-Assignment Forms

Free transfers within two months of the implant date will only be available for Trovan 956 microchips using the new 'Breeder Re-Assignment Form (956 Only)'

All other microchips will benefit from a reduced transfer fee of $4.50 within 2 months of the implant date using the new 'Breeder Re-Assignment Form (Non-956)'

New forms are available to download now - MORE INFO