List A Pet (NSW Special)


Even if you live in New South Wales or South Australia, it is always a good idea to list your pets on a National registry like Central Animal Records.

State Government registries are not always accessible to vets, Councils and animal shelters – especially if your pet is found while you are on holidays or for many other reasons.

  • Used By Over 3.2 Million Pet Owners
  • 24/7 Recovery Services For Pets
  • Official Certificates of Ownership
  • Online Logins for Pet Owners
  • Free Mobile App: My Pet
  • Free Particulars Change
  • No Ongoing Fees

Why you should list your pets on a national database:

  • Pets and pet owners move interstate but, by listing on a national registry, you can always be contacted if your pet is found. Make sure you keep your contact details up to date, of course.
  • Pets can be picked up or even wander across state boundaries. We have some amazing stories of pets being found huge distances from their homes.
  • Pet Address, a search tool used by vets, councils and animal welfare shelters across the country, communicates with all of the national animal microchip registries in Australia. If your pet is only on a State registry such as in New South Wales and South Australia, your details will not be found via Pet Address.
  • If you live in a State border town, listing on a national registry is even more important.

NOTE: Although mandatory in some States, listing your pet on a national animal microchip registry is not an alternative to State or Council pet registration.


Paper Form (ONLY) New Subscription Steps

1. Download our NSW $4.95 Subscription Form:

DOWNLOAD - (Standard Form)

2. Complete the animal details, owner details and payment section.

3. Tick the box confirming that you have taken reasonable steps to ensure that the microchip number is correct or, alternatively, take your form and pet to your local vet so that they can sign off on the details you have provided.

4. Send the form to us for processing and we will list your details against your pet's microchip number Australia-wide. 

If you require any assistance, please contact us and we will be happy to assist.