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C.A.R. Subscription Form With Payment Requirement 

This form can be used to register a microchip that has been previously implanted and not already registered with the Central Animal Records national database.

Please note:  You are required to have your pet scanned by a scanning centre such as a vet clinic to verify the microchip number is correct.  The form must be signed by the scanning centre before submission to us.  Incomplete forms will be returned to you.


DOWNLOAD (Standard eForm) 



Find out more about the $4.95 Subscriptions - Here

Note: The $4.95 subscription cannot be completed online.



Change of Ownership Form

This form can be used to transfer the ownership for a microchip that is already listed on the Central Animal Records database from one owner to another.

Please note, all ownership change requests must be submitted on the appropriate documentation, or via the on-line download form. FEES: The current fee applicable for changing ownership is $15.00 (Inc. GST) and must accompany any "change of ownership" documents lodged for processing.


DOWNLOAD (Standard eForm) 



Switch to C.A.R. Form (Excludes VIC)

This form can be used to move a pet, currently listed on another national registry, to Central Animal Records. This form should be submitted after you have contacted the other registry for de-registration of the microchip.

If your pet is only listed on NSW Pet Registry or SA Dogs & Cats Online, please use our Subscription Form.

Please note: In order for you to switch to Central Animal Records, the microchip listed on the other database MUST be listed in your name. This form cannot be used in Victoria due to current legislation.

DOWNLOAD (Standard Form)




Change of Particulars (Updating Details) 

Central Animal Records allows owners to update their details be either signing into their account, emailing us at or calling us on (03) 9706 3187.

Please note: Only the listed owner may update details on the record. Third-parties and emergency contacts have no authority to confirm or change details due to privacy legislation.





Microchip Mix-Up (Re-Scan Form)

If your pet's microchip has been listed incorrectly or mixed-up with another pet in the litter, contact us so that we can provide you with a Re-Scan form (To be completed by your vet).

Email or call us on (03) 9706 3187.

Please note: Microchip mix-ups cannot be corrected without vet confirmation





Online Ownership Transfer Guide

This documents contains a step by step guide to processing a change of ownership online.

Please note: If you are struggling with the online ownership transfer process, feel free to call Central Animal Records for assistance or use the above 'Change of Ownership Form'. 






Other Animals - Subscription Form With Payment Requirement

This form can be used to register a microchip previously implanted in animal and not listed with a microchip database.

Note: Please use the correct form for the animal species

Horse Subscription eForm With Payment Requirement - DOWNLOAD

Bird Subscription eForm With Payment Requirement - DOWNLOAD

Reptiles Subscription eForm With Payment Requirement - DOWNLOAD

Exotic Pets Subscription eForm With Payment Requirement DOWNLOAD